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Photoshop: Brightness And Contrast

Photoshop: Brightness And Contrast

If you’re like me you have questions about things that some people think are obvious. I’m not techie at all so when I use software that requires the least amount of technical skill I get nervous.

This article will cover some of the basics related to Photoshop ‘Drawing Tools’ and ‘Special Effects’. First you should know that Photoshop has features that allow you to adjust the brightness and the contrast of your image. This affords you the ability to have greater control over the quality of your picture. If an image is too dark or too light you have controls (brightness and contrast) that allow adjustments.

Follow the five simple steps to adjusting the brightness and contrast of your image: 

1) Open the Layer drop-down menu.
2) Use your pointer to point to the ‘New Adjustment Layer’. Using the feature will create a new layer for your improvements and/or enhancements while the original image remains intact.
3) Click on the ‘Brightness/Contrast’ tab. This will enable the Brightness/Contrast dialog box.
4) You should now check the ‘Preview’ check box. This feature enables you to view your adjustments before they are finalized.
5) You can now adjust the ‘Brightness and Contrast’ level by using either the slider bars or by changing the numerical value.

It’s amazing how much difference the appropriate level of brightness and contrast can make. Play with the settings until you get it just right. Remember, you can make adjustments while the original image remains intact.

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